About Natural Directions®

At Natural Directions, we celebrate the flavors, textures and aromas that great food brings to living, balanced with a commitment to foods produced in accordance with USDA Certified Organic standards.  That means avoiding products grown or produced with prohibited pesticides and fertilizers, growth hormones, or from genetically engineered seeds and plants.  We believe that foods produced without artificial ingredients and colors can be both delicious and still convenient for today’s busy lifestyles.  We strive to continually find ways to improve our products, processes, and packaging, while focused on healthy living and a healthy environment; that’s our promise to you.

September 2016

Cage-Free Egg Policy

Expanding on our commitment of providing healthy alternatives to our customers, we are pleased to announce our work with local and regional suppliers to provide our customers a stable source of cage-free eggs by 2025. Currently all of our NATURAL DIRECTIONS® eggs are certified organic and meet the highest quality standards set by the USDA which will not change with this move to cage-free eggs.